We Tried Homemade Toothpaste!

I sometimes feel sorry for my husband. I AM that wife and mom that will try all the “hippie” stuff to try and improve our health. It’s not limited to trying to get them to all eat vegetables… It crosses over into all places in our home. Whether it’s a household cleaner or making my own lotions and lip balm.. I’ve tried it all. Not always with success. Trying to make homemade toothpaste was my latest adventure. I was intimidated to say the least. The ingredients were pricey and strange but Lily Koi Hawaii assured me with the ease of her recipe that I could accomplish this.

Homemade Toothpaste Pinterest Image

Lily often inspires me to try new things. I feel like she’s my vegan spirit guide. If Lily can do it… I know I can do it. The only thing I didn’t do (because I can’t ever seem to follow recipes) I couldn’t find calcium carbonate. Yes… I know. Key ingredient but I wanted to try it to see if it was ordering and waiting on Amazon.

the ingredients for the homemade toothpaste (2)

The ingredients were pretty simple and easy to use. I just used a generic old tablespoon to measure by parts (instead of exact teaspoon/tablespoons and such). Lily stressed in her video, that you can find here, to add the water ever so slowly. The outcome was quite intimidating with it’s dark black hue but my boys got most excited.

the kids brushing their teeth

I wasn’t initially going to make this a family project but my kids thought it would be SO COOL if they got to brush their teeth with black toothpaste. To the bathroom we went with our paste in tow. I put a tiny amount on each toothbrush and explained clearly for them to not swallow it just like they aren’t supposed to swallow their normal toothpaste. We all began to brush, taking turns spitting and rinsing our toothbrushes off. The results?

We all frankly have tartar build up issues. I usually try to brush my kids teeth for them and floss for them every so often. My teeth are insanely sensitive and so I often use a sensitive teeth toothpaste and I often have plaque build up regardless of what I use. As I sit here writing I can honestly tell you… This worked. My kids even did this themselves and their teeth are MUCH improved. I keep swishing my tongue over my teeth to feel how immaculately clean they are. I can’t attest to how much more white they appear but they do feel incredible. Incredible enough that I had to write about it today. Enough that I found a container with a lid so that I might keep this in my bathroom to use.

the kids with toothpaste

I am so happy that I decided to try this. It was really fun to do it with my kids as well. We all agreed that this version is not very tasty but it did do an awesome job at getting our teeth very clean. Thank you Lily for your experimentation and sharing. This family greatly appreciates it.

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