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Snapshot 2 (12-18-2017 9-01 AM)Oh yeah! We’re kicking off my first Body Positivity post with a sweaty selfie. I just finished up a yoga video that I put up on YouTube a while back. Yoga has always been one of my favorite ways to exercise and to help maintain flexibility and reduce joint stiffness that is typical of a tick-borne illness like mine.Snapshot 1 (3-6-2017 12-03 PM)

I have never let my weight issues stop me. In 2016 I did Crossfit and I loved the heck out of it. I felt strong, and I loved back squats and dead lifts. I was never very fast but I found that adding a sled gave me that extra incentive to hustle. Later that year I was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and had to basically give up my Crossfit days to rest and heal. Hard core antibiotics destroyed my immune system and I was barely functional at times.

wall walk inversionOver the last several years I’ve been working my way back to health. I’ve had to forgive my body. I’ve had to stare at my body in the mirror and say, “I love you and I know you’re doing great things today.” As corny as it sounds, it actually worked. As they say, be careful what you think because you’re body can hear it.

While I am just beginning sharing my body positivity journey, I hope to encourage you no matter what the obstacles may be to keep going and stay positive. It’s okay to love your body but understand that we can do better. I love you guys so very much! Thank you so much for taking the time to seek out a more positive relationship with your home (aka your body). I’m going to encourage you, as always, to go work hard and eat kind.






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