Valentine’s Day Craft with the Kids


It’s been a busy life ever since I started a full time job last year. Eight and a half months ago I took a job in a very busy office for a very busy company. The hours are crazy and inconsistent and I rarely get more than one day off in a row. All three kids are officially in “big kid” school. Madison and Rylan are in second grade this year and Mark is in Kindergarten. My babies are growing up so incredibly fast and it just seems like time will not slow down.

The time is flying and I felt overwhelmed with some events of late when I got a notification that my friend Gina from over at Desperately Seeking Gina was live on Facebook. I happened to be home so I decided to look in and see what was going on. She was doing a craft project live! Madison and I watched all of the nifty and creative crafts Gina was making.


She was making “Love Bugs” for Valentine’s Day. She used google-ee eyes, wire, pom poms, and hot glue to create the cutest little love bugs and even stuck some wrapped mini-chocolate bars on the back with double stick tape. You can find a replay of her Facebook Live crafting here and find her original blog post here.

I was so inspired to make some time on my next day off to craft with my kids that I ran to Hobby Lobby on my lunch break during the week to pick up some felt hearts, wire, and a hot glue gun. I was, admittedly, in a hurry and forgot pom poms and google-ee eyes. I realized this late and decided to look about the house for some cute alternatives and I think the kids and I enjoyed these little jewel stickers.


The kiddos picked out their hearts and were able to stick their jewel stickers where they wanted them to be. I asked them how they wanted their antennae to look and asked if they wanted some smiley faces. They loved getting to design their own.

Away I sent my good little helpers after they had designed their love bugs… I totally made a tiny one myself. The time had come! It was time to use the hot glue gun and from previous experience, I knew I didn’t need three kiddos bumping into the table. As they went to play, I enjoyed a little quiet time sitting at my kitchen table hot gluing away on our cute little crafts.


We plan on making a few more crafts before Valentine’s for some special people in ours lives and we wanted to share so that you might take some time and enjoy a good craft. It really did my soul some good after such a whirlwind of craziness this last 8 and a half months. It’s good to stop and spend time together and most of all… It’s always a good time to be kind and plan to make others smile with a wonderful craft you made yourself. While I love crafting, I’m not the most creative… I’ll leave that crown to Gina so I hope you’ll go check her blog and social media places for inspiration on living a more creative life. I know she’s been a huge inspiration to me!

No matter how busy life is, try to stop and think of these creative ways that you can spend time with your family. I know you and your kids will be glad you did.

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