Why Cruelty Free Makeup Is Important To Me


Today I’m uploading my very first “Chit Chat Get Ready with Me” video on my YouTube channel. I used mostly cruelty free brands and it’s had me thinking about why Cruelty Free makeup is so important to me.

You see… I have struggled so thoroughly with maintaining my vegan diet due to my hypoglycemia. Yes… I have seen doctors and heard all the pseudo science from all the random vegans who would love to give me terrible advice. But you see… The one thing that I forgot was my true connection to veganism. The unnecessary use of animals for animal product testing.

When I struggled with my vegan diet, I always could trust in my other ways of being vegan. Because, believe it or not, veganism isn’t just about abstaining from eating animal based products, ridiculous graphic phrases for conventional words (enter hen’s periods instead of egg), and a heaping helping of guilt tripping with a t-shirt. (I see you “meat is murder” t-shirt wearing friends.)

I think a true struggle in the vegan message is to those of us who find a perfectionist vegan mentality just doesn’t come naturally. We are not generally sympathetic to miscellaneous animals we’ve never met. We have health issues that are difficult to manage on a vegan diet (which happens whether you believer it or not).

How do we promote a message of acceptance and tolerance to encourage others (like myself) to keep doing the best they can with where they are at? A family member of mine once said, “You have to live where you’re at.” I think that applies in so many ways. Furthermore, you must also meet people where they are at. I think that also means pointing out what people do right; not just what they’re doing wrong.

“So you were hungry and gave in at work and ate that non-vegan donut. Okay… We can all relate to how tough it is to deal with such temptation. But, you’ve done good the rest of the week. You’ve also been doing better to buy vegan textiles, switching your makeup to cruelty free… That’s a lot of stress and a lot of big ideas to manage. It’s okay! Don’t just throw in the towel over one donut… Or a week of donuts. You’re still doing the best you can.”

That may or may not have come from person experience. (LOL)

The video I posted today truly remind me that I am incredibly passionate about vegan makeup, promoting textiles that are readily available that are vegan (like in this video here that was my first look book). It’s more than just food. It’s your life!

Don’t forget the reason you believe in veganism. Even if it’s not the same reason I’m vegan. Remember that one (or fifty) slip ups are not a reason to just quit. It’s so much more than a non-vegan donut… A health issue, a number on the scale… It’s doing what you CAN do to live a more compassionate life that seeks to harm others LESS. The truth of the matter is just existing in the world causes some form of damage in some sort of way be it sentient life forms or inanimate objects.

Cruelty free makeup products are so important to me because I can reduce the suffering of these animals by making a choice with my dollars. This choice, to me, is an easy way to be vegan. While every dollar won’t be perfectly allotted to the perfect place, with perfect vegan employees, with perfect vegan homes and perfect vegan lives… It does mean the world to me and something that I know I can DO right to the BEST of my ability. I will always encourage you to do the best you can do, where you’re at.

I love you guys so much. Thank you so much for reading this today.

Leave me a comment below with your favorite cruelty free brands, textiles, makeup products, or anything else you think that would be helpful!

** If you watch the video you can find links to websites that will give you more information about cruelty free makeup brands. **


2 thoughts on “Why Cruelty Free Makeup Is Important To Me

  1. Hi Ami,
    Thank you for reminding me that living a kinder life doesn’t always have to be “all or none”. I struggle with making choices, life gets busy and I need fuel so I make bad choices. It is refreshing and reassuring to see others have the same issues – doughnuts are also on my opps list.

    1. You’re so very welcome! You are so appreciated! Thank you for reading. I feel like those slip ups give us a good lesson! Life is crazy busy for lots of us! So preparing ahead is a big help so I’m going to be writing about that soon so be sure to check back. Thanks for the awesome comment! I hope you’re having a great New Year being the awesome’ist you can possibly be.

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