Watermelon Acai Drink

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I think most of you may know about the famous Starbucks Pink Drink. If not… Go get five’ish dollars and try it. It’s a great treat. A quick Google search told me that a grande is only 150 calories! (But who in the world can only drink a grande??) There’s 27g of carbs and 24g of sugar! Woah! It’s also loaded with ice and it’s over five bucks… I’m not tryin’ to talk you out of it… I’m just disclaiming that this is a treat.

I’ve been experimenting with trying to make my own version for a few weeks now. I’ve seen plenty of other recipes. I’ve even tried a few but it’s not right. It’s not that same pink Starburst flavor! What to do, what to do?

This isn’t quite the same. It’s not even the same strawberry flavor. But what it is, is very similar and kind of the same concept. I’d venture as far as to say if you can find a juice with strawberry in it, you’d have it. (I just haven’t located such a juice yet, but I will say it needs to be a thin juice.)

So if you’d like to know how to make this cool, watermelon, Pink Drink cousin… Check out the recipe below! Be sure to tag me on social media if you try it out! I’d love to see your pictures.


Watermelon Acai Drink

  • Servings: As Many As You Like
  • Difficulty: Super Easy
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The Ratio:

1/2 a glass of Watermelon Juice (No need to buy if you have a juicer. Throw some watermelon in it and enjoy the best version of this.)

1/4 or more of Lakewood Organic Acai Amazon Berry Juice, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 6). (You can also find this blend at Whole Foods.)

Top of the rest with coconut milk. Here’s the brand that I used: So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Beverage, Original Organic, 32 Ounce (Pack of 6)



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