Fried Tofu Spring Rolls (Vegan/Gluten Free)


A few months ago I was in Little Rock with my mom. I dropped her off for a doctor’s appointment. The kiddos and I decided to go see what kind of shenanigans we could get in to. Every good adventure needs some snacks, right? We stopped by Whole Foods Market and picked up a few things. Being the odd eater that I’ve always been, I chose some vegetarian sushi. I’ve been wanting to recreate this ever since.

Of course, in true me fashion, I decided to make it my own. I fried the tofu with a gluten free tempura batter and rice panko crumbs. This gives a great diversity of texture. I’ve found a growing trend as I’ve become plant based that I love adding anything crunchy to softer foods.

Here’s a few step by step pictures on how I made my rolls. Or…If you are a spring roll pro, feel free to scroll down to the end to find the recipe. Either way, I hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe to be notified when new blogs or posted or join me on social media for more.

Step 1: I use a pie plate in my sink with running warm water to soften the rice wrappers. This keeps the water warm. If it gets cold it takes much longer to get the rice wrapper to soften. When it is soft and pliable, take it to your assembly station.


Step 2: Lay some fresh chopped vegetables onto the rice wrapper. I did this before hand to make assembly easy. Here I’m using shredded carrots, green leaf lettuce, and purple cabbage.


Step 3: Place a piece of tofu on top of the vegetables.


Step 4: Fold over the sides of the rice wrapper.


Step 5: Fold half of the rice wrapper over and try to tuck in all of the ingredients (as best as you can).


Step 6: Roll the ingredients tightly to the end. Set aside on a platter to dry.


Step 7: You can slice the rolls with a sharp knife or leave them whole. Either way, they are delicious! Enjoy with any dipping sauce you like.



Fried Tofu Spring Rolls (Vegan/Gluten Free)

  • Servings: 8 Rolls
  • Difficulty: Easy
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  • Rice Paper (Spring Roll Wrappers)
  • 1 Block of Extra Firm Tofu (I use Simple Truth brand from Kroger.)
  • Gluten Free Tempura Flour
  • Gluten Free Rice Panko Crumbs
  • 1/4 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (Or other non-dairy milk.)
  • 1/2 Cup Shredded Carrots
  • 1 Cup Chopped Green Leaf Lettuce
  • 1/2 Cup of Thinly Sliced Red Cabbage
  • Dipping Sauce of Choice


  1. Prepare the vegetables that you’ve chosen. I like to chop the ingredients and lay them out on a platter so they are easy to grab.
  2. Take your block of tofu and cut long slices. Carefully, dip it in the tempura flour, then in the milk, and finally the panko. This creates an amazing, crunchy breading.
  3. Add about an inch of oil to a frying pan and allow to get hot.
  4. Place each tofu piece in being careful not to crowd the pan. Leave space between each piece.
  5. Let them brown on one side before flipping. This should take 2-3 minutes. If the oil is a good depth you should only have to flip them once.
  6. Set aside on paper towel and allow enough time to cool until touchable.
  7. Use warm water to soak the rice paper. When it is flexible place it on a flat surface.
  8. Add your vegetables then your fried tofu.
  9. Fold the sides of the rice paper over the ingredients.
  10. Tuck in the ingredient and then roll it to the end. (Pictures included above on the blog.)
  11. Set aside on a platter until dry. You can slice them like sushi with a sharp knife or leave them whole.
  12. Enjoy with your favorite dipping sauce!


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